"But we love that name!! Why would you change it??"  Some of you may be thinking this, so here are some answers for you...

We were contacted by a company out in Idaho this Spring about their concern about our name.  They had a similar name and felt that our existence was infringing on their name. To be fair, they have been in existence for quite some time, and they are federally trademarked. There are several businesses across the country with variations of "Pie Hole" in their name. From whiskey to pizza to bakeries to bands.  Some have the exact same name, and some a variation. We did our homework and believed ours was different enough.  Unfortunately, they do not agree. They are going after any business with "Pie Hole" in their name. So after much heartache and discussions with our lawyer we have conceded to change the name. Could have we fought and won?....maybe, but we are not interested in being in litigation for years.  We want to make good pizza and do what we love.  We have made quite a name for ourselves, and to be honest- we don't want to be confused with them!

The good news....we haven't wrapped our truck yet, or started a second truck.  We will update the truck to reflect the new name and hold off on a full remodel till we can afford it. The bad news....the unexpected financial burden to make the changes.  But let's get back to the good...The company agreed to let us make the changes over the winter while we had the time. We have great friends that have helped us as much as possible. Our friend Jackie Palmer of Jackie D. Palmer Films made us an amazing video....and we still have all of you!!!

We believe 2018 is going to be an awesome year for us. We do our best to be positive, help fellow food trucks, and give back to our community.  The love and support you have all shown us thus far is humbling. 

So what is the new name?

Shove It Pizza Truck......so don't worry, you can still shove it. love it.