Cameron and Brenda Glinke are the owners of Shove It Pizza Truck. Here is a little bit about them….

Cameron has always had a love for creating food. He spent most of his younger years working in pizza shops hoping to one day own one of his own. Brenda received her degree in Exercise Physiology and worked in Nuclear Medicine. In 2005 they were married, and three months later they opened a brick and mortar franchise. Fast forward almost 11 years and Cameron still has the franchise, Brenda now works for the State of Michigan-Corporations Division (and bakes amazing cupcakes on the side), and they have two adorable (and crazy) boys-6 and almost 3 years old.

So why not start a Food Truck?!?!? That is the logical choice right? Well they believe in chasing dreams, have a strong faith in God, love each other a ton (and survived one business together already) and are going all in! Cameron is innovative, talented and has a drive to succeed. He will be seen in the truck daily. Brenda will handle more of the business end-we would say more the “silent” partner, but once you get to know her you will quickly realize that is not possible! She will be on the truck on weekends and at festivals.

With the support of amazing friends and family they are excited to start this new venture. Make sure to follow them on social media for updates on menu, locations and events.